Wednesday 5 February 2014

wonderful gifts

I won a giveaway from Pat at Southpaw stitcher.

The scarf is gorgeous :D and so soft to wear. I couldn't resist putting it on though it's quite hot at the moment.

I also got some weeks Dye Works threads and some Carron Watercolours. I haven't had any of these threads before they're just stunning. Oh and that's a little fabric bag/box thingy up the top. It's all so gorgeous!

I have been crocheting today as I had craft group which was great to get out of the house and talk with other ladies. It's a great time to spend out and crafting.

 I have been fiddling with my phone camera and I think I finally have it worked out. The images seem to be in the right resolution.

But look at those scrummy colours :D I love them! So bright, the colours don't do it justice. It's about 287 stitches wide, so quite wide, good enough to curl up under after it's finished.
I'm going back to my crochet now it's too wet and dark to cross stitch.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Pretty scarf from Pat! She is so generous with her giveaways. Great progress on the granny stripe blanket! I'm eagerly awaiting my yarn to start one!! Bright colours are so much fun to work with :D

  2. Lovely, happy colours to counter this awful grey weather! Chrissie x

  3. The scarf is gorgeous! Love those threads too...have fun stitching with them. Your crochet is looking lovely too, great colour choices.

  4. Love the blanket Caitlin.



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