Monday 3 February 2014

No Reply Bloggers

This is kinda a rant but not in the direction a lot of you probably think I'm going. I love blogger and I really like being connected to my google+ profile I find it opens out a lot of other options BUT the moment I change anything there or here it doesn't want to connect my email properly. I've noticed for the last couple of months that I wasn't getting many replies to comments but I went into my profile and made my email public and thought nothing of it. BUT for some reason google+ doesn't connect the email on that profile to my posts here no matter how often I try! I've spent an hour searching the web tonight looking for solutions because I'm not happy being unconnected I think I will end up needing to connect back to my blogger profile and manually upload my posts to google+. Since it's all google why can't they all talk to each other nicely for once?? I think they're just trying to encourage everyone to have a google+ profile and share through there with the blog as the side medium but I'm not going to play. I'm sorry to all those people I've sent comments to and they've seen the no reply blogger status and just scream. I know I do it but now I feel more annoyed at google because it's their fault not mine. To end on a happier note I am going to be a replyable (is that even a word?) blogger from now on unless google really stuffs me up! Ohk End Rant :D Happy Stitching, Caitlin


  1. I completely understand the rant. I've noticed that too as I mentioned in my blog that I just posted. The worst is when you type a long reply and then go to hit send and only then realise it's a no reply post....urgghh.
    But it's not just you Cailtin as you said they have configured something and it's changed it as it never use to happen as much.

  2. I've been having issues with comment replies, too, so as messed up as it is, in a way, I am glad, maybe? to see that someone else is having trouble. Sometimes, it works fine for me, so I hope that it gets better on your blog!

  3. Good rant, Caitlin! I always like to reply and try to find an address for no-reply bloggers when I can. I hate clicking their name to only find a Google+ page with no info at all. Good luck figuring out how to get your email address to show up again!

  4. I hate the blogs that make you be on Google+ to comment, there's no way round it. I am NOT joining Google+. I have no interest in any more social media, I won't use it and it just makes you a no-reply blogger! I can't understand why they don't sort it out either.

  5. Interesting! I had been wondering why I had SO many people who were no reply and you may have cracked the case for me!


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