Friday 23 January 2015

Death and Susan

I've been on a bit of a Terry Pratchet binge at the moment. I love reading his books and I have most of them as audio books as well which is great when I need to zone out while doing cross stitch or other crafts.

I haven't felt like designing for a while but I put together a list of projects I want to do this year and this one just called to me.

I love Terry pratchet and out of all the characters I have always found death to be a bit of a conundrum. He is almost human and shows many of the traits needed but he keeps having to fight it to be death. Then there is Susan who is mostly human and shares some of Death's genetics despite not techincally sharing any genes. Apparently the ability to walk through walls can be inherited.

So here you have Susan and Death. There is no justice... just me.

Hope you enjoy my new pattern :D I had so much fun making it today!'

Happy Stitching,


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