Friday 16 January 2015

How to make a Fabric Book Cover - Part 3

So now I'm going to explain how to sew it all up. If you missed Part 1 and Part 2 here are the links to the posts.

Sewing up the cover

Lay out your front cover with the right side facing up.

This is the point if you haven't already you should trim the front and sides so they are all even and match up to your pattern. That way when you sew it up you know that the pieces are the right size and you can catch every edge.

Note: when you place the pockets on the fabric make sure the card pocket (if you made one) has the cards closest to the front fabric and the folds are in the centre.

Next cut the inside fabric out of a piece of plain fabric. Don't waste a fancy fabric you won't see much of it just a little in the middle at the top and bottom. Make it match but don't make it fancy. A plain homespun in matching colour would work great.

Cut it the size of your pattern.
Lay it right side down and pin it all together.

 sew a quarter inch seam around the edge of the cover leaving an opening at the top for you to pull through the fabric. Leave the gap between the two flaps so there is only the front and back and the flap is solidly sewn into the edging.
As you can kinda see in this photo the gap is at the bottom.

Turn your stitching the right way out and fold down the seam at the gap.

There are two ways to finish this off and I recommend trying it on the book before you decide. The way I finished off my journal cover was to top stitch around the edge just inside. This closes off the opening.

For my mum's journal, for some reason I found it slightly tighter on the cover than I wanted, so instead of top stitching around the edge I used an invisible stitch/ ladder stitch to close it so that it wasn't visible.

SO here is your finish :D I want to see what you lovely people are able to come up with.

Good luck!
Happy Stitching,

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