Monday 16 February 2015

Chevron Quilt - Thought process

There is something about triangles that are just calling me at the moment. When my friend asked me to make her a quilt for her baby I was delighted. I've seen a lot of triangle quilts recently (last year but they've stuck in my mind) and I seemed to recall that we (mum and I) had bought a triangle ruler one time when we were at a craft fair. I thought it was an isosceles one which would have made an awesome quilt.... but it was a right angled triangle ruler.

I saw that and got very excited and started thinking up all sorts of awesome ideas. I also may have lost myself in pinterest for a while. I'm going to have lots of fun with this ruler :D

I started off looking at the isosceles quilts because they came up first and that is where my inspiration started.

See Kate Sew had an awesome pattern and quilt that she made it looks lovely but using the isosceles pattern.

I was thinking about using the random pattern anyway just using a different shaped triangle but then found some awesome chevron patterns that I can use my lovely ruler for.

This one is for a Tote bag but I love the pattern.

It gave me the idea that I wanted to do. Using a mix of fabrics I'm going to do a chevron like this, but going white, green, black, green, white, green, black etc. Each chevron will be made up of a mix of fabrics. So there is an element of random in it but being me there is also a pattern. I'm so excited about what it will become.

This is always the exciting part when crafting is sorting out your ideas and trying to work out how to make it fit your vision.

Where do you go for your inspiration? 
Do you check out pinterest?
Or do you go through your stash of patterns and books?

Happy Stitching,

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