Friday 13 February 2015

Organising my space

So I've been living in a TINY unit for the last 8 months. Well not that tiny just not much extra room. It has been a big big big step DOWN in the craft room space. Most of my craft stuff is living at my parents house in the shelving under their house because I don't have somewhere to store it here. What craft stuff I do have here is currently living in the cupboard of the little girls room! So I don't have the largest collection of stuff here.

I've been using the kitchen table to spread out my craft stuff and more often than not I will take over the whole table. Since I've been starting to get into basic project life stuff I've been wanting somewhere to easily store the basics so that I can get to it but still not take up the whole area. It is still the kitchen table and needs to look tidy. I don't do tidy very well when I'm crafting.... can you see the awesome mess.

This is what I used to use.
Now I got these drawers from Cate over at Behind the Purple Door. She is an AVID scrapbooker and her stash of stuff is quite impressive. But because she got some new drawers and stuff she no longer needed these so she offered them to me.

They look so awesome on the table.
Yeah one drawer is missing but they will still work like I want them too. I may also be able to put my sewing threads in it too. There is a lot of room for stuff. Much more than I had!!

But I do have one problem. The drawers are too big for all my little stuff, like my stamps so I decided to make some drawer inserts.

 Using some boxes I had around the house. I cut the sides off and then used sticky tape to tape them back together.

I then covered the boxes in pretty coloured paper. Using my washi tape to make them look even prettier.

 I even added a divider to separate out my inks. They look so pretty.

My stamps look so pretty too..... anyone would think that I love owls.....

So that was my craft this afternoon after my assignment was in. I feel so good about having something organised. How do you organise your space?

Now I'm going to disappear into my cross stitching. 

Happy Stitching,


  1. You must share this with Preeti, she is doing a Messy to Classy SAL all about smartenung up your crafting area. She'd love to see your ideas.

  2. That's so organised! Your dividers are pretty and functional too. I don't have much space either. The trick is not to buy too much stash! (ha ha)

  3. You have organised it very well and the decorated boxes are very pretty!:)
    Thanks for adding your post on my Messy-to-Classy link party!!

  4. Very neatly organised. Boxes with compartments is a good idea and neatly done. Came here thru preeti's link party.


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