Wednesday 4 February 2015

Voodoo Rabbit Toy Club

I treated myself to a toy club that Voodoo Rabbit are doing. Now if you follow my blog much you will know that if I make a soft toy 9 times out of ten the pattern will be by funky friends factory. I don't have all her patterns by a very long shot actually I have a few that I make again and again. Mainly the honey bear because it's such an easy pattern and so good to give to babies. 

Voodoo Rabbit are a fabric store in Brisbane and they have an awesome collection of cool fabrics. Also Funky Friends is a lady who lives north of Brisbane so they are both local which makes me want to support them more. 
 Honey Bear & Stu the Sea Turtle

And the latest turtle (not yet finished) It's still waiting for eyes! 
I've also made some Ollie Owls but can't find any photos of them at the moment.... my internet is playing up so I can't go back through my archives easily. 

It just happened that the 7 patterns that will be coming with a kit are all ones I don't have so I was very excited to sign up and get some new toys. I do have a thing for her toys. Soooooo easy to understand the patterns and soooooo easy to sew them! You can find them here :D

My mail came today and there sticking out of my letter box was a package :D

 Ohk I'm not sure why the picture is upside down but apparently I'm not allowed to swap it around.

My package came today and there was a special little surprise I had a package of bells and eyes which sounds so weird.... but is so exciting to see. 

I'm so excited to get started with this Hippo :D I just have one more other toy to finish.... that I started before Christmas then I can get to it. 

Happy Stitching, 


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