Wednesday 18 February 2015

WIP Wednesday

So this has been another of those weeks. You know the ones where it feels like nothing much gets done but then you actually look back and go ... OH!!! I did that this week? Sometimes having dated photos on my phone is a very good thing. That said there isn't much that I can show you yet I've been motivated to stitch but of course it's hidden.

I managed to get a pretty good photo of the back corner of my secret stitching and I figured that was a safe thing to show you. Shhhhh don't tell anyone!

It's very slow progress it's big patches of one colour without much thought and I'm finding it hard to stay motivated. Though I do love the design. I'm just really good at sitting down at night and absolutely zoning out, we've been watching scrubs at the moment and I find myself watching not stitching. 

This weekend was pretty crazy, I was running around everywhere trying to get everything done. 

I've been doing extra band rehearsals because we have a performance coming up this weekend which means I've had extra knitting time. 100 bars rest is a great chance to get a row done. Maybe I'll finish this cloth next month... it's been slow going but it's happening. 

How is your progress this week? When do you find the time to sit and stitch?

I'd love to hear when you find the time to stitch/create. 

Also if you have been making something this week join us over at for the crafting linky party.
Also tune in tomorrow as I have my first introduction post which is very exciting.

And Sew We Craft

Happy Stitching,

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