Thursday 12 February 2015

WIP Thursday :D Again

I'm not sure what it is at the moment but Wednesdays hasn't been working as a posting day. Though I blame that on the spider. I have a phobia of spiders. It's not something I'm proud of and I'm trying to work through it. I no longer freak out just seeing a spider but I still can't handle touching one or getting too close. Well yesterday I didn't just see it I walked into the web and ended up having to untangle the web and SPIDER from my hair. Cue absolute meltdown with hysterical crying. I don't deal well at all. So posting or anything didn't happen yesterday afternoon.

AWESOME news though. Two great things have happened to me just today.

  1. I have finally bought myself a domain name. :D So it is much easier to find me now! It's all connected the only change is when you check my feed you get directed to my domain instead of the blogger address which is great.
  2. As of today I am now a contributor to And Sew We Craft. It is very exciting for me and I'm looking forward to sharing some of my crafting journey on there as well.

 SO What have I been up to this week? Not much.... but a whole lot of thinking. On Friday I DRAAGGGGEDDD (there wasn't much dragging really) my mother down to East Coast Fabrics, an awesome fabric store if you aren't picky on the lines as they stock end of line which means it's roughly $9 a metre but you're not guaranteed to find it there again.

I have a friend with a baby due in March and another with a baby due in July. It's just that sort of year!
The friend due in March I'm making a cross stitch sampler for and it's my secret stitching at the moment. But the one due in July asked me to make her a quilt if I could. I couldn't resist the challenge and along with my mum and sister we're all contributing to make it sooo pretty.

Now I will be sharing my quilting journey as she has said she doesn't mind knowing what it's going to look like before so I'm very very excited to share as I go. I don't do hidden stitching very well. It's killing me not to share my cross stitch but I will stay strong!

I will share more about what I want this quilt to become in another post once I can get my thoughts aligned properly.

I also spent Sunday at an all day rehearsal for my band which was pretty cool but very exhausting. I got an awesome photo of the brass section :D

Now the music we're playing at the moment is fun but it is devoid of a lot of trumpet parts. Then when we do play there are 6 of us playing the same part. So during the rehearsals at the moment I am managing to get some knitting time.

You should be able to recognise this pattern by now. I love it because it makes a lovely easy cloth that doesn't require much thought on my part. I can easily drop my knitting and pick up my trumpet if I have play without losing my spot.

Anyway I'm going to stop rambling and go to band.
Happy Stitching, 


  1. I love those gorgeous fabrics! Congratulations on your great news.

  2. Great fabric choices. I hate having to hide my stitching too.

    Congratulations on the domain name too.


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