Monday 29 June 2015

July/August Goals

This is one of those times where I go, I meant to write up my goals 3 weeks ago then June disappeared. I have been very busy with life and crafting this month. I've managed to tick off a lot of my goals.

You can check out my March/April goals here: So it's been a little while since I went over my goals. 

For my blog

New goals for the next couple of months:
  • Continue posting on Wednesdays - That has been happening a lot ... I've been keeping it up and very happy that I can manage to post at least once a week. 
  • Continue my tutorial Fridays.- I've been doing this a little bit but it isn't a weekly thing. I've been doing a cross stitch tutorial series over at ASWC. 
  • Start organising my posts more often. I have got a blog calendar now so I want to get myself more organised. - This has been happening a lot and I am getting very organised though I don't always post what I organise. 
  • Start each post with a header image. - Even if it's only a small one it's happening.
New goals for the next couple of months:

  • Maintain regular posting on Wednesdays and post more regularly on other days
  • Tutorial Fridays
  • Actually follow through with my blog calendar. 
  • Keep using my recognisable header image.
For my crafts

New goals for the next couple of months:
  • Continue my Granny Stripe - Well and truly happening. I've got a couple more repeats happening.
  • Keep making dishcloths.... they are just sooo much fun to play with. - I have one on my knitting needles and I finished the ends on three cloths and they are now in use.
  • Finish my secret stitching  - baby is here now so I'm almost done.  - I am naughty and haven't finished it's my goal for this month.
  • Keep stitching on Baroque - It happened but now it's away and afternoon tea is out.
  • Cut out and sew together the top of my triangle quilt. - Cut sewn and FINISHED!!!!!
  • Make a Hippo and a Giraffe from the toy kits I've received. - The hippo is sitting half cut out BUT the giraffe is done, though not in the kit fabrics. I did it in fabrics to match the quilt.
  • Keep up with my photo album so that I have a full collection by the end of the year. - I got up to date for a while and then I got distracted. I will have to organise a print them again.
  • Make a cover for my photo album.- Still wanting to do this and I will get to it. Maybe over the holidays? 

New goals for the next couple of months:

  • Afternoon Tea - Finish a couple of columns
  • Beacon at Daybreak - Finish the stitching
  • Finish another couple of repeats on my granny stripe - I want to complete the blanket this year if possible. 
  • FINISH AND FRAME my secret stitching for my friend.
  • Keep slowly working on dishcloths
  • Work out what my christmas presents are going to be.... This is a hard one but I want to be organised this year! When I need 20 + presents I hate rushing them on Christmas morning!!!!!
  • Keep planning

 For me

  • Find a Job. - this is still a large priority - it is slow going but I've done up my resume this month so we will see. 
  • Finish more of my course. - I want to complete it and I can.
  • Get fitter and keep walking and running.  - I have been walking most mornings and I can feel the difference when I do.
  • LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE - I still love this saying and I need to learn to laugh more. - I stressed out a bit this past month and I talked about it but this saying is still VERY relevant.

New goals for the next couple of months:
  • Find a Job. - this is still a large priority
  • Finish MY COURSE - I want it done. I can do it.  
  • Start doing regular Pilates/ Weights for my back.
  • LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE - I still love this saying and I need to learn to laugh more. 
  • Keep using my planner to keep myself organised. It is making it so much easier to stay centred. 

Overall I am really happy with what I have achieved in the last couple of months and I know I impressed myself with my ability to get some finishes in. I actually completed a quilt!!! Now just to add some more finishes to the list.

 Happy Stitching,


  1. Great goals, Caitlin! I wish you the best with them :-)

  2. Best wishes for your goals Caitlin:)


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