Wednesday 18 May 2011

Cost of crafts

Now Cross Stitching is one of the cheaper crafts if you think about the price of threads is only a little bit. To buy cloths and aidas aren't too bad either just plain neutral colours don't cost that much to get. Compared to quilting which is expensive to get fabrics, threads, wading and backing fabric. When you think about the price difference it does seem like the cheaper option. Then I look at other stuff when it comes to cross stitch.

I just visited a framing store to see how much they would charge to frame my frogs and although it looked awesome with the mat next to it, the price they charge was a bit much I thought. They were going to charge $64 to frame my frogs which measure 7in x 5in total. Though the final frame would have to be wider to take in the mat etc. it still seems kinda crazy to charge that much. I think I will need to work out how to lace up my own work easily.

So although I have come to the conclusion that cross stitch is one of the cheaper craft hobbies to start with it quickly becomes expensive when you actually want to do something with your work. Does anyone have a good tutorial for finishing work off differently? That way I can save some money but give my mum a beautiful gift of the frogs.



  1. It is cheapish if you find the right place to buy your stash! I can't believe the difference in price between Oz and the US!!! I buy all my stuff from 123stitch, especially now with our dollar so strong against the Greenback.

    Framing is a killer but I've found a framer I trust with my stitching. I figure if I've spent THAT many hours working on something, it's worth getting the person who knows what they're doing to frame it... but right now I've got two waiting to be framed and two almost finished that will also need framing... I might have to ask for a discount, LOL.

  2. Well when I picked up my cross stitch today from the show I got $80 worth of vouchers to a framing place near me.

    My dad can frame he has the tools it's just the glass and I spent $100 on that alone on the Land in Sight because I bought museum quality.

    yes .... I have used 123 stitch a number of times recently... I try to be good sometimes ....


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