Friday 27 May 2011


So it is finally finished! Way before my due date to get it finished I was saying mid June and it is done with plenty of time to frame!

Land In Sight
So now I have to actually start either Lickle Ted, or To Have & To Hold in the next couple of days as
To Have & To Hold
My package arrived in the mail and it is very exciting :D Now I only have one more the back issue of WOCS we shall see how long it will take to get it here.

I'm going to go and spend the day with grandma sorting threads :D She is emptying her collection and I'm getting all her old threads so they will need to be sorted so I can actually use them. Though apparently when I have kids she will want them back so she can embroider stuff with their names that's if she is still able to then.

So a bit of a vote .... which project should I start knowing that Lickle Ted and To have and To Hold have time limits. But I love the boxers :D Maybe I can have all of them going.....

So you decide!

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