Wednesday 18 May 2011

Shopping trips

So I have a friend who is getting married in September and I very kindly asked on the cross stitching forum where I could find kits. Once i finally managed to work out what exactly I was asking for I got directed to WOW that site is amazing. Or maybe it is the shipping prices that is. It only cost 11.34 AUD to get a chart shipped to me that they charge 12.90US for! That is what a good exchange rate does. I am very tempted to get some sets on threads, the price they charge is only $0.44 a skein, which with the exchange rate would be a lot cheaper than the $1.20 that I can get it here and if I buy enough the shipping won't even matter. But that is a very dangerous thought....

So I thought about it since I wrote the start of this message this morning and I visited with my mother who wanted me to get her a boxer kit and make up the picture for her, and I visited that site again! I managed to get the boxer kit for not a bad price and I bought some skeins of thread at the same time to get in on her shipping. I have now ordered the thread to do the lickle ted from WOCS issue 174, I'm going to make it a baby sampler for my cousin who is having a baby in October.

So my current list of projects is already spiralling out a bit more!
I have with dates to finish by next to it.
  • Land In Sight (framed by July 12th)
  • Tree Frog Trio (for mum sometime soon it will be a late mother's day present!)
  • Warm and Fuzzy
  • To Have & To Hold (September 29th)
  • Boxers (for mum)
  • Lickle Ted (October)
So I will have a very busy holiday over the June-July school  break!

But of course there has to be pictures in this post :D I will put up photos of the kits when they arrive but here is a photo of the Lickle Ted for those that don't get the magazine. I am going to change the background colours though to greens as I have no clue about the sex of the baby.
Lickle Ted

So I have an update on Land In Sight. There is now as beautiful finished ocean under the boat and I have done more of the boat to the left.

All I have now is the last person to the left, the rest of the boat, the fish, and the rest of the sail. So it really isn't too much... hopefully should get it done in the next month which is plenty of time to get it all ready to go in the show.

Hopefully I should have kits to show you really soon. It's very exciting!


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