Friday 20 May 2011

Surprise Heaven

I got home today and there sitting on the piano stool were two packages! It was so exciting to see. I had just spent the morning asking Phill do you think they're here yet... do you think they're here!

Now the question is which of my 4 packages actually arrived this morning.

I got the grab bag from polstitches. It was a collection of evenweave fabrics.
Polstitch fabrics

A mix of fabrics that this photo does no justice to. There are some gorgeous colours I will have some fun stitching on these. :D Though I now have to work out what to stitch on them.

Package number 2 contained threads and the boxer kit from anchor.
Boxers Kit

Mum is going to flip when she sees this kit :D She may want me to drop everything else and start on her gorgeous dogs. They will just add to the rest of the boxer paraphernalia we have around the house.

Then there are the threads that came so I now have the stuff I need to start my Lickle Ted chart.
Now it's time to start stitching :D I will have an update for Land In Sight later tonight but I have to go and babysit now :D


And here is my Land In Sight update :D
Just the hair left on the figure on the left :D



  1. I would agree with your mum you need to start the boxer puppy project asap :-)

  2. Yeah, well I did get it for her :D Although those threads are for a birth sampler which is due in October. And I'm expecting a wedding sampler that is due in September. So I'm not sure what to start when I finish Land In Sight!


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