Monday 30 May 2011

Is your name Captain Jack Sparrow?

So on Saturday I didn't get  chance to stitch anything. I worked all morning and then drove up to Bribie Island for dinner. I will recommend that if you are ever in a rush don't go to Bribie Island for dinner. There is a thing called normal time and Bribie Island time. It goes just that bit slower than everything else around. But the company was nice and the dinner yummy when it finally arrived.

Then Sunday morning we played softball. Which is really fun when we finally have our whole team back :D We had a left field that actually can catch and a center that can run! It makes an enormous difference.

Sunday afternoon I got some stitching in and some organising. I realised I am very particular about how my project is organised before I will even put one stitch in! To start with I photocopied each bit of the pattern and then labelled the threads on the pattern A-L to match the thread organiser. Then I carefully cut off the threads and put them onto the thread organiser. After doing that I tacked up the project. I still can't start stitching yet because I just have to get the overlocker out and go around the edges of the fabric :D It will be neat and organised and then I won't make many mistakes. Tacking makes counting so much easier! Oh and my trusty highlighter! I could never survive without it!

 While between projects I also started this little one. Because I was also desperate for a bookmark, and desperate for something to carry with me. It really won't take me long to finish what's taking the longest is it's not my priority so I'm not rushing to get it done.

Floral Bookmark
 Lastly more fun stitching stuff. I tried my hand at designing I'm making a sewing bag to hold all my cross stitch stuff and I didn't just want to do patchwork I wanted to also add some cross stitch so I created these little designs. Once I get the pattern off the paper and into a computer form I will put them up here for people to have. There are also another couple that I haven't stitched yet. I'll get around to it ...

Sewing Motifs
Oh and to explain the post title I saw the latest Johnny Depp last night. He is awesome! If you are a Johnny Depp/pirates fan I would recommend this movie. He just makes the character :D Even without Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley it was still so full of the same fun that the other movies had. Though I did miss the two pirates, one with the eye missing. Still it's a great movie and more of a plot than the last one!


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