Friday 9 December 2011

December Goals

November Goals

  • Work on Boxers - I put in about 30 stitches but I worked on it!
  • Grid and Start the JE - Still nothing but...
  • Grid up Afternoon Tea - Part gridded I started it but it is hours of work gridding up a whole HAED
  • Finish as many penguins as possible- 14 stitched :D
  • Make the penguins into pillows. - all but one are in pillow form and 3 need the cord around them.

 December Goals
  • Work on Boxers
  • Make another Biscornu
  • Finish off and wrap my penguins for Christmas
  • Enjoy stitching because I can, not for anything in particular!


  1. hello dear,,good luck with your goals..
    stitchy hugs xx

  2. I hope you'll achieve your goals for this month! :)
    Happy stitching!!

  3. hello dear,,,good luck with your goals..
    stitchy hugs xx

  4. Great job on what you managed to get done in November, and good luck for December

  5. Good luck with your December goals! :D


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