Wednesday 14 December 2011

Designing Biscornus now :D

So my mother has fallen in love with the shape of biscornus now. She loves them so much she has been suggesting that I make them for ornaments next year. Actually is more being told that I need to make biscornus next year for chirstmas, but I don't mind.

But I have been designing she started me thinking and I came up with this design.

Isn't it gorgeous?

Here is the back. I used Rhodes Stitches for the squares and it adds such a cool 3D effect.

Here it is finished :D I love it!

This one is for me and I have done one of my goals for December Stitch for the sake of stitching. I loved it.

Phill asked if I could make a couple of ornaments for his grandparents as well, as if I didn't have enough already! But we are going to see them this year when we're down in Canberra so I went yes definately. Not being sure if they would like penguins and since it gave me an excuse to make more of these lovely biscornus I decided to make 2 more of these.

Here is the start of a blue and silver biscornu in the same design. Rhodes stitches is silver metallics killed me!

Oh and I haven't only been stitching on the biscornus I have also been doing some work on boxers but that is another post :D



  1. Such a clever woman. It looks awesome.

  2. I love your design for a biscornu. Looking forward to seeing your boxers. My two are here next to me snoring away.

  3. I love your design and a biscornu as an ornament is a good idea.

  4. Great job designing! I can't wait to see the silver and blue one finished :)

  5. i love is looking so sweet..well done
    hugs cucki xx

  6. What a pretty design. I love the color you chose as well. Have a great weekend!

  7. Lovely! I don't blame her for wanting some on her tree!


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