Monday 26 December 2011

Xmas celebrations :D

Well now that most of the Christmas celebrations are done. I have some cool photos :D

Phill got given a Nerf gun by his brother for Christmas! I am not happy with him at all because I became a target! So did the TV!

Shooting at the TV!
The results on the floor!

  My family loved the penguins :D The look on my mother's face was just priceless!

She absolutely loved it and so did everyone else. They thoroughly enjoyed all the penguins. I managed to pick perfect penguins for everyone. My youngest cousin even named his, and the one cousin I was really worried about absolutely adored it!

My Sister!
Grandma :D
Mum also got a awesome painting. She just needs to find room!

We decorated the house for Christmas including the toys!

I gave Phill Lego for Christmas as has become the custom but I spent Christmas putting up my own lego because he gave me a cars 2 set :D I have now remembered that I LOVE lego it's so much fun.

Flo's Garage Lego Set :D

Our dogs were really worried about all the excitement. They came and laid themselves down in the middle of us and fell asleep. Lazy dogs!

I ate so much bad stuff! I cooked up a Rocky Road that was to die for!

There was a pack each of marshmellows, licorice allsorts, snakes and two packs of malteasers. Then over the top of it I poured 4 packets of nestle melts in milk, white and dark chocolate. It filled two enormous trays! Doesn't it look yummy?

I finished the other biscornu for Phill's grandparents and I gave that one to his grandma today. She loved it and it went straight on her tree.
I'm now down in Canberra, we spent 15 hours driving yesterday. We left at 5am in the morning and arrived here at 8pm! It was a long day but so glad to be on holidays. Not sure how often I will be able to update. I have done some stitching, which is great fun as we have spent time visiting grandparents today which meant sitting and talking while they knitted and I stitched.

We're going to go to the War Memorial tomorrow so I will take lots of photos so that I have something to show you. Hopefully stitching photos as well!



  1. Lovely photos filled with love. Great to see your boxers as well.

  2. Oh... awesome on the penguins. I LOVE the look on your mom's face!!! :D


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