Thursday 22 December 2011

GoMA visit yesterday! (very picture heavy)

I took 5 kids to the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane yesterday! Now the youngest was 7 the oldest 12 BUT it was interesting!

GoMA is AWESOME! website here

The general gallery was interesting though the kids ran through it too quickly and I couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to. But the cool part was the kid sections. There was one room that had been painted all white and as you walked in you were handed a sheet of dot stickers to stick where ever you wanted to!

It was stunning to look at! Here are some of my photos of the room.

 Some people got quite creative as to where they placed the stickers! And that piano actually played!

 There was also a display called we miss you magic land (click the link to get the official flickr photos)

Sorry this post is very picture heavy. We had such a fun time there and the kids enjoyed it. Which is the main thing.



  1. The spots are a very interesting concept. I enjoyed all the photos. It's a great way see the world through others eyes. Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a great idea - better doing stickers there than at home! I love all the colours of the magic land.

  3. Oh the kids section looks like so much funnnnn!

  4. Oh wow that dot room is fantastic! I love art like that that is interactive and organic. Looks like a great day.

    Merry Christmas! Hannah x

    PS I love picture heavy posts :)


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