Tuesday 3 January 2012

Wineries and Stitching :D

Well we spent the day wandering around wineries outside Canberra... and I forgot my camera! We bought a couple of nice whites, a port and a dessert wine. I was feeling a little woozy by the end of the wineries!

BUT I do have stitching pictures :D

I've been powering along with these biscornus as they are small and I can take them when visiting people. I only have 5 more to go and I did start the 6th one today though I'm not far into it.

I love the colours of these and the simplicity of the design but also how great they look. I am thinking of adding a tie onto them so that I can use them as my christmas decorations set next year. I want them to be special. All I really know is that they are mine.

More stitching tomorrow I have been working on boxers I just need to take a photo!


  1. Hope you had fun visiting the wineries!

    Great job with the biscornus :)

  2. beautiful stitching..
    love for you xx


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