Tuesday 3 January 2012


We went to the science centre on Sunday, and we had an absolute ball!

There was everything you could possibly think of in there. A kids playhouse... even if it is big kids!

We got to lift ourselves up with the pulleys. Phill is holding himself up here, while I'm in the process of lifting myself.

We built a tower on a very rocky base. It wouldn't stay even so you had to be very careful to keep it balanced.... then I moved the base.

You know those games where you have to get the ball through a maze and to one spot or another? Well this is a BIG version of that controlled by pneumatics! Such fun :D

You stood behind this wall and the lasers registered where you were and put an image on the front. I was having fun making shapes while Phill stood still!

We went to a workshop about musical instruments and how they make sound. When he did the brass instruments he needed a volunteer who could actually play .... so I got called up being the only brass player in the room. It was a cornet mouthpiece stuck in a hose pipe with a funnel on the end. The sound wasn't bad though. I was going so red!

A whole pile of skulls were on display :D It was interesting to see the difference in the size of the heads.

Phill was fiddling with arches but the keystone decided to move.

This is as scary as it looks. You walk up the stairs sit on the edge and then hang yourself over the edge and drop! It's 2 storeys high and just freaky! I was too scared to go up but Phill went and here he is just having let go! You free fall for a couple of seconds before the slide picks you up and lets you down!

We had such a ball and I need to go now talk more!



  1. Wow, this looks like tons of fun! :D

  2. The Science Centre looks like a great place! Thanks for sharing your photos! I went to the zoo on Sunday.


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