Monday 23 January 2012


Well it was IHSW this weekend and I signed myself up for it. I didn't get as much stitching as I would have liked but I got as much as I expected to get done.

ok now that I've yelled my exciting news :D I've started my HAED Afternoon tea.

I gridded and gridded and gridded for the last I don't know how many weeks and now I have a start.

I organised my box of threads. Made sure I could find the colours easily and the symbols.

So I set up my Q frame (11x17) and started stitching.
really bad photo!
I found that I definitely needed the light and I also needed to use the magnifying glass.
I'm not 100% happy with the way the stitches came out. I think it is because I was stitching in the corner of the fabric but it doesn't seem to want to sit nicely. The coverage is VERY dense and you can't really see the crosses. BUT I love love love love love working on it. I was constantly amazed by how tiny the stitches are. How small and the detail. I am looking forward to seeing more appear.

Now I did also work on boxers.
The guy on the right is totally done and I've started the crosses for the guy on the left.
Doesn't the backstitch really make him pop? I do have one question. In real life his eyes are almost neon white. What should  do ? Should I leave it or maybe use a grey instead of a white? Or maybe even black? I have no clue. They can stay as they are for a while....

Oh and I have finished my Hedgehog... well almost. I need to make a soother for her and a rattle but that can wait!

I don't really want to finish her because I don't know what I want to knit next and I feel wrong finishing and not starting something new even if I am cross stitching instead. I may just have to pick a pattern just in case.

So I've had lots and lots of pictures to show you :D
Have fun :D


  1. Love that little HAED dragon and the woolly doll.
    The Boxers are really looking good. Perhaps for the eye colour try one of those darker off white colours.

  2. Great update. Your hedgehop is very cute and the boxers look great. And very nice start on your HAED.

  3. Love Spanglers little dragon. I started Train of Dreams in my Crazy 15 and I have "Curl up with a Good Book" waiting in the wings...

    Over one on 25count is excellent coverage.

    The BS on your boxers looks great. Such handsome puppies :)

  4. You really like those big, detailed projects, don't you! Love the boxers. Good luck with your pieces.


  5. Love, love love the HAED. All those threads in the box are delish! Can't wait to see more of this.
    The boxers are coming along nicely too. As for the around with them until you are happy with it!

  6. Your work on Boxers is always impressive, too, and the hedgehog is so cute! Also, congrats on getting started with your HAED! Best of luck as you work on it!

  7. Mangogirl, you are a very, very bad enabler. :) I love chai tea lattes and seeing your HAED Afternoon Tea has pushed me over the edge. Now I gotta go hunt that pattern down. lol The Boxers and the Hedgehog are just wonderful. Congrats on finishing her!!

  8. Congrats on your HAED start . Looking forward to seeing progress.
    The boxer looks fine ot me, but photos can be deceiving . Leave it for a while , it may grow on you ,if not try a slightly off white colour instead. X

  9. It all looks great Caitlin, and keep up the good work. I have a couple of HAEDs in progress, and they're so tiny (I'm mostly working on twenty eight count) that I'm using tent stitch instead of full crosses. It's easier and faster that way!!

  10. Great start, and the colors look gorgeous for afternoon tea!

    Your hedgehog looks adorable :)

  11. Oh my, the colours for this Haed are simply delicious! Just a look on this thread box made me drool, lol! I love this dragon series, but most of the patterns are so huge, it's still too scary for me. So good luck with this, I'm sure you're gonna make it! And the little hedgehog is such a sweetie, looks so huggable! :D

  12. You stitching 2 over 1? That could be why everything is bunchy. I am using 1 over 1 with my HAED and the coverage is perfect. Good luck with the project! It's a biggie!!

  13. Caitlin, everything looks great. Your hedgehog is darling!!!

  14. Great start with your HAED! I did a little on mine, then stopped until I figure out how to do some gridding on it. It's hard to count those tiny stitches!

  15. Beatiful start on your HAED...don't you love that feeling of starting a new piece!? I have to admit, I didn't completely grid mine out...I was too anxious to get started!!

  16. Yay! I'm a full supporter of your HAED start and what a wonderful chart to start with! I know that when I tried to stitch HAEDs with two threads over 1 square on 25-count I found it was too dense for me and I hated stitching it so I switched to 1 thread BUT if you like it that's what's important! :) So excited to see more!

  17. I am in awe of your new project.

  18. Oh, that HAED dragon is gorgeous. The colors are so bright. Love your knitted hedgehog. So cute!



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