Saturday 7 January 2012

Wine and stitching

Well I tried some of my lovely new wine tonight since we got home after 15hrs driving. It's great to be home! Anyway my sister was drinking white wine and managed to pour it all over my cross stitch! I ran screaming into the bathroom with my stitching and dosed it in water. I absolutely freaked. Thankfully it's my biscornus on the grey fabric and I rinsed them straight away. It's drying now and I can't see any marks. I will post a full picture for wipocalypse on Monday where you can have a look. So warning to everyone don't let your sister drink wine near your stitching! Caitlin


  1. Oh no Caitlin!!! Thank goodness you don't see any wine-y type damage. Just to be safe, I'm keeping my fingers crossed until I see your picture tomorrow. :)

  2. Oh thank goodness she wasn't drinking red wine instead! I hope your heart has started beating again. Whew!

  3. How horrible, it must have been a shock.

    I spilt tea on my Dutch Beauty and neatly had heart failure.

  4. Definitely a good thing that you weren't drinking red together. I had a tea stain in one of my projects ... still a tiny mark there. Weren't too happy.


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