Friday 27 January 2012

My crazy day!

My day has been hell! it was on,y one part that was really bad. I spent the morning stitching and knitting to my hearts content then I get the call! My grandma called up, asking of I could take her to the dentist tomorrow to pick up her dentures. I was curious about why because grandma has her own car. Then she let's out the doozy! She doesn't have a working car at the moment because half hour before she had been in an accident. She drove through a red light just around the corner from home. So what does she do? She walks home. Doesn't bother to call me to see if she could get a lift. Before she calls me she calls the dentist to say she won't be getting there to pick up her dentures. She then calls me. I was so worried and hurt that her first thoughts weren't to tell us what happened and if she was alright. If it hadnt been for the teeth I wouldn't even know and nor would my mother for another couple of days. So I went up to grandmas to see how she was and organized with my sister to collect the teeth. Shes fine and isnt hurt which is good. I then went and baby sat for the past couple of hours. I will have photos tomorrow I've started knitting a dinosaur it's pink..... I have odd choices for colours... Anyway thanks for listening! Caitlin


  1. Sorry it was a bad day. Glad to hear that's she okay, though.

  2. Oh Caitlin I am so sorry about your Grandma. She was probably feeling embarrassed about calling you. Give her a big hug when you see her tomorrow & tell her next time she needs to call you ASAP. LOL At least she'll have her new dentures!!! LOL

    You get back to your knitting/stitching & take your mind off it. Can't wait to see pics.

  3. oh dear so sorry to hear about your grandma but so happy to hear that she is doing ok..
    give her my love and big hugs..
    tell her cucki is sending love from south africa xxx

  4. Glad your grandma is safe and unhurt, Caitlin.

  5. Glad to hear your grandma is ok. I think grandmas are like that - mine certainly is.


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