Wednesday 30 January 2013

Blog Changes and a movie

I have been having fun fiddling with my blog again. I made lots of changes with the layout. I used the my memories software to fiddle around and work out what to do. I will probably fiddle more but this is the colour scheme I'm going to keep with. I would still love to work out how to make a logo to match one that suits the whole look. Some day I will have a look that is my brand but I will get there slowly.

On the movie part I won tickets to see Zero Dark Thirty. It's the story about how they caught Osama Bin Laden. It's very raw and very violent. I won't go into the story line or into any details but I know I won't be rushing out to watch that again. Since I spent last night tossing and turning because I kept having nightmares. There is a reason I watch Disney and fantasy and never touch horror. It wasn't exactly horror but being a 'real' story it was kinda horrific.

So just pick and choose whether you are going to that movie I know I really didn't want to go but I did.



  1. Love, love, love your new blog look. ...and I hear you re violent movies - I had terrible nightmares after seeing Django unchained.

  2. Love the new favourite colours!

  3. Your new blog colors are beautiful! You're right, the true stories are more scary than the silly horror stories since we know they aren't real.

  4. Love the look of your blog...purple is my favorite color!

  5. I love the colour scheme. The lavenders and greens make it feel like a beautiful garden. A place I would love to visit. I'm with you I tend to stay away from terrifying movies. The evening news is bad enough. Just surround yourself with people and things that make you feel good and happy.
    Take care Xox

  6. Your blog is looking so pretty. I wish I was more technologically minded to play around with mine.

  7. Absolutely LOVE the new layout! Gorgeous!


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