Wednesday 16 January 2013

I give UP!

As much as I love the idea of starting a new project every day of January and I have all the materials ready to go, it is too much. My head doesn't like having that many projects currently on the go. I can't keep track of them in my head. I find myself wanting to FINISH something.

So I am changing the rules. I will eventually start all the projects on my list BUT I won't start another one until I have finished at least one project on my list. This should save my sanity.

Though while protesting starting I have managed to make some decent progress on Winter Fairy.

 I'm starting to reach the bottom of the white on the left and can play with some other colours there. I love working on this piece. The whites are very close in colour and then I step back and see the clever shading. So beautiful.

I love working on this piece, and I think if I continue as I am it may be finished in the not too distant future.

Though I do have back stitching and beading coming up and I've never tried that on cross stitch before.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Your stitching is beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing a finish, so you can start a NEW one! Happy Stitching!

  2. I had the same problem last year - it is meant to be fun, so changing the rules to suit you is probably the best. Winter Fairy is looking great - is she a Mirabilia fairy? Love the fabbie, too, what is it?
    So many questions, sorry!

    hugs, Kaye

  3. Great progress on Winter Fairy. Sorry to hear your giving up on the Ultimate Crazy Challenge. Will look forward to seeing your other starts through out the year.


  4. Aww super sweet stitching..I love it x

  5. Stitching is meant to be relaxing so if it stresses you do what you need to make you feel good again. Winter fairy looks amazing !!!!!

  6. when I saw the tittle and the picture I thought you'd give up Winter fairy...
    sigh of relief, it's not the case =D
    with your new rules you won't always be in an 'emergency' and you will have more fun =)
    happy stitching
    can't wait to be in a 'not too distant future' to see this piece finished =D
    Big hugs

  7. I agree with you....I'd be in a total tizz if I had that many projects started! Do whatever makes you happy, after all your hobby is supposed to be fun! Love the progress on the winter fairy, she's going to be a stunning finish.

  8. I have to agree, several nights I picked up something new to start and found myself wanting to continue on the piece from the night before. I'm now trying for having them all done and I'll be happy

  9. A new project everyday of January!!! That's crazy!!! I can hardly cope with my 2 projects on the go right now lol. Winter Fairy is coming along so beautifully. I just love everything Joan Elliot pumps out :)

  10. That's the reason I don't participate on the crazy january, it's just too much. I have a lot off things to make and finish and starting more would make me crazy.

    Is it the Joan Elliot fairy? I have finished the summer fairy and earth goddess from her.


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