Friday 4 January 2013

Day 4

I am so exhausted today it's not funny! I have spent the whole day destroying bricks. Before Christmas we had a red brick fence at the front of our house and a small gate and more brick and wood between the side and the fence.

As of today we now have no red brick fence, no brick and wood at the side of the house and a set of big gates that a car can drive around. The side area was, about 5 owners ago, a greenhouse area. This means the previous owner decided to create brick steps with concrete and all sorts of other stuff in it. That took 2 days to pull out with a crowbar and a hammer.

See that white area to the right? That was brick and concrete. Very hard and very annoying brick and concrete and the gate wasn't there.

It's a very awesome gate. I love how it look now. It has gone from being a space we couldn't use that was full of stuff to a place we can now park cars or anything.

Through all this I did manage to make a start today, I didn't start until about 6.

I decided to mix it up and start one of the Joan Elliott angels. I picked the angels over one of the others today because it had a border and I didn't have to think.

It's not this angel but it gives you an idea. I am enjoying making new starts it is forcing me to stitch every day which is great. I also feel I am getting a head start this year and won't feel quite so stressed by it's approach.

Anyway it's bedtime. I think I will sleep very well.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Another great start Caitlin. I'm lovin the Joan Elliott ornaments.


  2. Wow, good job:O

    I love to make starts too, and the idea about not rushing things, I had that too, so now I have three finished small stitches to make into ornaments for next christmas. (when you make close to 30 gifts you sort of have to start early)

  3. It sounds like back breaking work. It will be worth all the effort when finished.

  4. It's nice to reward yourself after a day of hard manual labor with some time to sit and stitch! Great choice to start something with an easy border.


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