Monday 14 January 2013

Day 14

If you have been very observant of my posts for Crazy January you may have noticed I have missed Day 13. I have decided that day didn't exist because I forgot to do a new start that day. I did do some cross stitching and I now have an update on Winter Fairy by Joan Elliott.

In December it looked like this...

and now it looks like this...
and an artistic view ...

Now although I didn't start a cross stitch project do you think it counts that I started a new knitted toy?

It will end up being a duckling, that is it's body there. It will be very psychedelic but I couldn't resist trying out this yarn.

Now to the whole point of this post I do have a Day 14 start. It's a hedgehog keyring that I bought ages ago and I finally decided to start it to have a break from Christmas ornaments. Actually I've had lots of breaks from Christmas ornaments the last two days.

Now I'm going back to Winter Fairy because it's calling me :D

Happy Stitching,


  1. who could resist Winter Fairy calling =)
    she is really beautiful
    you're doing a great stitching
    can't wait to see your keyring
    happy stitching

  2. Great new start and progess. And yes, I think starting a new knitting project can be counted as part of the challenge. I love the yarn color. Can't wait to see it.


  3. Of course the crocheted Duckling counts as a new start! The hedgehog keyring will be so cute! You've made great progress on Winter Fairy!

  4. Great progress on your Winter Fairy! I love the fabric you chose for her :)


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