Monday 28 January 2013

WIPocalypse January 2013

Well I'm very happy about my WIPocalypse post for this month :D I have MANY awesome updates.

To start the year I did the Crazy January Challenge though I'm not going to post about those in here. Here is for all my lovely big projects for this year.

I will start with my really exciting project. Last WIPocalypse Afternoon Tea looked like this

A few days ago I posted this update :D

Since then I have been stuck at home inside because of awful weather and I'm getting really close to a page finish.

If I continue in this vein I could have a page finish before the next update. I have two coloums left of the page.

I think I have finally worked out a slightly quicker way to work this project and it stops me from worrying over which colour to start. At the very least I want to finish this whole row of pages by the end of the year. I think that is a very doable goal.

I have also put a couple of stitches in Winter Fairy since last time.

From this to now...

I should have a finish of this sometime this year. It would be nice well before mid year so I can enter it in one of the shows.

These are going to start as my two main focuses but I will also have '99 but I can't show you a picture this time around. Same reason as always Phill is sitting in the same room.

Happy Stitching :D


  1. wow very pretty stitching and great progress ..
    happy monday x

  2. Nasty weather sucks, but it makes for great stitching progress!

  3. Wow Caitlin. You have made great progress on all the pieces. I have to ask, how do you keep track of all that floss hanging down on Afternoon Tea. What is your secret. That would scare me to death.


  4. Great progress. I am loving Winter Fairy especially.

  5. Great progress on both your pieces!

  6. You managed to do a lot of stitching =) It looks awesome =)
    Good luck with your goals =)

  7. Good progress. They both look like beautiful pieces.


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