Tuesday 29 January 2013

Funny Things

Sometimes something funny comes from a flood or natural disaster. This video was taken by someone up the coast who was watching a bus go through some sea foam when something appeared.

Please enjoy the video.

The flood in Brisbane is meant to peak today at about 11 am. But only at 2.3 - 2.5m which is nothing like what it was 2 years ago. Unfortunately that is what happens when you build a city where you had beautiful farm land that used to flood and get lots of water.

Other parts of Queensland and New South Wales are in a worse position.

Stay Safe,


  1. Wow! That was crazy. I watched it twice. I never saw sea foam before. It looks like someone dumped a bunch of laundry detergent in a fountain to make all those suds! LOL

  2. That would have been crazy. Stay safe yourself:)

  3. oh ...stay safe dear.
    love x

  4. It looks almost like snow! Stay safe!

  5. I hope that you and yours are safe, Caitlin. Love the video.


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