Monday 6 July 2015

Christmas Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching, as much as we all like to ignore it. Only 6 mths and I need to come up with an idea kinda desperately!!!

Now for a couple of years I would make cross stitch ornaments, and one year I made crochet ones and although I kinda want to make some more I want to keep making something different. Below are some of the ornaments from two years ago.

Last year I made mug covers and dishcloths and I loved that idea and they were very well received.

But I still want to make something different.

So here are the ideas running through my head at the moment. I was talking to my cousin the other day and he said he was excited to see what they get this year.

So what should I do?

1. Cross Stitch or Crochet Ornaments

 Go with my normal idea and make some simple cross stitch ornaments? I don't think this is going to be the option. As I really want to try something different.

2. Cross Stitch Bookmarks

I really like this idea. Use my patterns and others to make some gorgeous bookmarks as these are something that people can use. I will need to buy more bookmark aida but I really like this idea. Simple and easy but they do look stunning finished.

3. Fabric Notebook Covers

I know my sister and mum are both using the ones I've given them and I could have a lot of fun making small cross stitch to go on the covers. This would be a great way to use my cross stitch and again make it usable.

4. Fabric Midoris

Along the idea of the fabric notebook covers create my own fabric midoris. The only problem with this is it starts to become a little time consuming and expensive buying all the parts because I don't have anything but the fabric. Though I would have to buy more fabric in boy colours anyway as I don't have many options.

5. Crochet Hats

I did joke with my cousin about making him  raccoon hat and I may just have to make him one on top of whatever else I do. He has a big bald head so it would really suit him. Repeat Crafter Me did a pattern that I may just need to use. The only thing is I have no worsted weight yarn? Can you use DK doubled?

6. Soft Toys or Amigurumi 

This is time consuming though. It took 1 day of solid sewing to finish that giraffe and I rarely have the motivation to batch sew at my machine. It's just too uncomfortable. But I know that the reactions I would get would be amazing. I know I love the little amigurumi but they take ages to construct.


I don't know but I think I'm going between 2 and 3 and the more I think about it the more I like number 2 as it's easily portable and possible to get done. Can you give me more ideas? Or do you have a thought about the ideas I've mentioned above? Remembering I have a mix of females and males but no kids so it's all adult presents. I generally give one per couple though if it's bookmarks maybe I should do a bookmark and book cover per couple??

I have so many ideas running through and around in my head it is really awesome but I will have to make them into a reality somehow.

Happy Stitching,


  1. I love the bookmarks but don't most people read on e-readers these days? The notebooks look useful too.

  2. I love the bookmarks idea, but I agree with Justine. A lot of people use e-readers more than books, but you know better what your family uses. There are some cute crocheted e-reader cover patterns. The covered notebook idea is very nice, and you can incorporate cross stitch into that. You said you give one gift per couple; how about a nice crocheted lapghan for each? A simple pattern and different colors would work up quickly. You can double DK weight if you want something heavier. Whatever you come up with, I know they'll love it :-)

  3. Love the idea of bookmarks and note book covers , but key rings / fobs are a nice quick thing to make and something that most people use too .


Thank you for your comments I love to hear from you.

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