Wednesday 8 July 2015

WIP Wednesday

So for the first time in a couple of weeks I haven't been working on my granny stripe. I have been stitching.

I've been working on Beacon at Daybreak. It's an interesting one because I'm constantly having to change what I'm doing. Sometimes I'm working with three strands sometimes just 1 and then I'm swapping between full and half crosses. It takes a bit of concentration.

It's been really good to actually stitch and get stuff done. Back to my assignments. 

On that note before I go I have some great news. I managed to get my Diploma of Business and I've only got 3 units left before I am finished my Diploma of Management. I'm getting so excited I am really close to finishing... It won't be long now!

Happy Stitching,


  1. Beacon at daybreak looks wonderful! Seeing yours makes me really want to start stitching mine.
    Congrats on the Diploma - that's great news, well done!

  2. Oh Caitlin that's so pretty! Is it a Dimensions kit? I started two but really struggled to read the charts - must get back to them soon.

    And we'll done on your diploma, a huge achievement!

  3. Beautiful stitching, and congrats on the diploma!

  4. Well done on the stitching and the diploma.

  5. Congrats on almost being done with all of your schooling, that must be an awesome feeling!!!!

    Though you're constantly changing things up on your lighthouse it'll really add lots of depth and texture to the piece!

  6. Gorgeous stitching - and congratulations on your achievement! Well done -


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