Monday 20 July 2015

Fruity Hippo

I mentioned this Hippo on Wednesday but I figured that this gorgeous little guy deserved his own post. 

I signed up for the voodoo rabbit fabric toy club at the beginning of the year and it finished last month. This was the first kit that I received and within the first week I cut out the pattern and had it all on cardboard ready to go BUT for whatever reason and usually with me that can just be lack of motivation at the right time I didn't cut out the fabric and go for it. 

So over the next couple of months the pattern has been sitting there and last week I finally got myself in gear thinking that I would give this as a raffle prize for the upcoming concert, If you follow my instagram you would have seen that I was cutting out the fabric and on Sunday I sat down in the morning and sewed up the hippo. It was going great and thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is where some of the trouble started ... when I put the eyes into the seam I just cut some of the stitches and they opened up more than I wanted them to. I sewed them shut around the eyes but I realised at that point that I wouldn't be able to give this away as a raffle prize but I still loved it. Look at the cute face :D

Then before I sewed up the hippo I don't know if that was during the stuffing or before but that back seam was ripping really bad. When I sewed up the opening it was still pulling and looking quite messy. So I decided that I had to cover up the area and since the pattern came with a felt flower I made up one of those and sewed it over the opening. I think it looks so beautiful.

So despite everything that happened in making this hippo I just LOVE him. He's so cute and sweet and just scrumptious!

Such a lovely smiley face :D

So Happy Stitching, 


  1. He's adorable! Or is it a she? Either way, great job, problems and all :-)

  2. Sooo cute. I don't think I would be able to give him away ;)

  3. That hippo is wonderful! Hope he gets lots of money at the raffle!


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