Wednesday 29 July 2015

WIP Wednesday

My excitement is high this week. I love my cross stitch and this weekend I stopped trying to force myself to work on beacon at daybreak.... it takes too much concentration as it's small and complicated. Instead I brought out Afternoon Tea. Yes I know I don't understand how afternoon tea can be simpler... that said I park the threads and don't have to think about the colours that I need I just work on the next thread and then fill in the colours that are missing from the parking.

I love working on afternoon tea and I managed to finish a column. It was such a productive day.

Here is what it looked like the last time I showed you. I was almost half way down the column and about to enter the crazy confetti area.

 It doesn't look like that much different. But it truly is.

I love working on this piece.

Also I will leave you with an update of my granny stripe. I caught him pretending to crochet it over the weekend and he hid from me under it when he saw my camera. It was so cute.

Happy Stitching,


  1. I definitely matter how difficult the HAED, it still stitches faster than any other kit or project. I don't know why either, but anytime I get bored or hit a snag with a project, switching to a HAED will instantly recharge my stitching mojo. Granted, they are larger and might take longer overall, but my stitching speed is probably doubled on them versus something else.

    Great job, FYI!

  2. Great progress on Afternoon Tea and lovely colours in your granny stripe.

  3. Wonderful progress! I haven't tried the parking method but would like to one day.

  4. I love seeing photos of the parking method being used - I couldn't get on with it but it looks so neat! The colours in this one and the shading are gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful Stitching.....I love your Afternoon Tea - I just love Spangler Patterns.

    Your Granny Stripe is so pretty and it is so cute the way he hid underneath your Granny Stripe. That is so adorable and so cute. Love the colors in this.

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K

  6. WOWEE-KA-BOW-EE!! Afternoon tea is so beautiful! You GO, Girl!!

  7. Love it. And your little one hiding under the crochet blanket.

  8. Lovely stitching !! I get confused with parking the threads, I try not to park similar shades at a time.

  9. You can definitely see the progress in the closeup photo, so well done there.

    Love the "hiding" too!

  10. Lovely progress on Afternoon Tea. Your blanket is really pretty too.


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