Wednesday 22 July 2015

WIP Wednesday

We interrupt my regularly scheduled program with NOTHING. I really haven't done much of anything this week. I had a crazy weekend with a concert on and then I had to dash off to a show I was going to see. It was awesome. It's a production called Creative Generations which is a production with only state school (primary and secondary) students. It's like a variety show with music, dancing and singing but all done by kids. There are mentors and teachers all around but the ones doing the actual performance are the kids. I've been twice now and it was pretty amazing.

Evenings at the moment have been me sitting with my crochet across my lap but not achieving much of anything. I think I added one more colour from where I was. I do feel bad about my lack of progress but I did have a lot of progress the week before so it adds up.

Now I have a question for you. How do you tote your projects around? I'm at craft day today like every Wednesday and I've got my granny stripe sitting in it's special duffle bag. It has become the only thing big enough to carry the blanket and the yarn in at once.

Then all my other projects are mixed between pencil cases and bags depending how big they are.

So what do you use?

Happy Stitching,


  1. Hi, Caitlin - I use a huge old tapestry bag to haul my projects around. That thing has been - literally - all over the world. I've had it for years and hope it never wears out.

  2. I use large tote bags, too, when I carry my projects around. Sometimes I use a basket I crocheted, depending on the size. Your blanket is looking great!


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