Sunday 16 March 2014

My busy weekend!

I have had a crazy crazy crazy weekend.

Well maybe not that bad. I sat myself down and managed quite a lot of crochet because I had a really really good book that I wanted to read. Not that it matters that I've read the book 10 times before it's still a good book :D

I'm hooked on Terry Pratchet and his discworld series again. Commander Vimes in Snuff is just sooo clever.

On Saturday afternoon quite without planning it we ended up at the beach. The weather was beautiful and the kids spent 2 hours just playing in the sand and water while I got a chance just to sit and talk.
We went with one of L's friends and her mum which was great as we didn't stop talking the whole time.

C decided to collect rocks and shells from in the water and bring them up. This was his gift to me. I love the colours on the big one, there are some gorgeous purples in it.

Here they are working as a team to bring up an enormous rock that was sitting in the water. They wanted to take it home and were quite upset that they couldn't. I loved the fact that they managed to work as a team to get it up and I did get some good photos. It took all three of them to lift it. 

 Here is my gorgeous granny stripe blanket. I'm a bit further on, I've started the next purple. I'm updating my instagram with photos of this one fairly often. I don't want to bore everyone here with each new colour stripe. You can look me up I'm naughtscrossstitches. I do have a button up on the left.

I asked if James had any left over mdf from working on the car that I could turn into a chalkboard for the kids and this is the result. He sanded down the corners and both surfaces so I could spray paint it with chalkboard paint. 

 This is after one coat. We put a second coat on it and hopefully the kids will be able to use it tomorrow as the weather has been quite hot.
 Happy Stitching,


  1. Sounds like a great weekend to me!

  2. The beach looks glorious - I'm so jealous! We just got another inch of snow last night :( Maybe I can talk DH into a nice fire in the fireplace today to keep me warm while I"m stitching.

  3. I live Terry Pratchett too. I have a number of signed paperback my brother got for me when he was at Uni and Terry did regular signings.
    I am also collecting the new cloth bound hard backs, they are issuing two per month. Check out the Gollancz website for the details.

  4. the perfect weekend :D
    I'm going to search you on instagram :D


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