Monday 31 March 2014

My progress

I will start this by saying that cross stitch is going by the wayside at the moment. It is just that this rainbow loom is taking over :D

I find myself wanting to make all sorts of fun things, though I don't always get them right.

 This bracelet looks gorgeous from the front and then you turn it over....
 I missed a couple if bands so I have two wings and some of the black and yellow bands fell out. I think I will end up pulling it apart and trying again. I want it in one piece.

This is what happens when I try and do difficult patterns with the kids around they keep distracting me.

I showed this one the other day but I couldn't resist showing you again.

I have had fun learning how to make rings and bracelets and all sorts of fun things. The kids are having a ball though their father doesn't understand why Lana needs a 10th bracelet! But they are creating stuff and as I look at it she is learning to recognise the patterns and it's not dissimilar to crochet which I would like to teach her soon. She will be comfortable with a hook. 

I had my latest Moreton Bay Symphony Orchestra concert on Saturday. We played an awesome collection of music that included some awesome stuff from John Williams which is extremely difficult to play on the trumpet. Lots of fanfares and fun stuff. We also did fanfare for the common man by Aaron Copeland, which has an awesome trumpet fanfare to start the piece but the timing was difficult.

I have been doing some craft other than bracelets I have now officially finished the second repeat on my blanket. The colours are so lovely and yummy I am finding it exciting to work on. 

I took the blanket outside and tried to get some decent photos of the colours. But since it was only me trying to hold my phone the blanket and the ball of wool it didn't go very easily :D

You can get a much better idea of that pink though. It's not red its a quite rich pink but the camera doesn't like photographing the shade.

The grass was sopping wet so I had to hold it up I couldn't put it down and all. I must have looked funny out there. But the shots are artistic!

Happy Stitching everyone,

I'm going to get out afternoon tea for a bit today it's been neglected again!



  1. Those things are addictive! We have been making Disney characters at the moment. No idea what we are going to do with them lol :)

  2. Wow you blanket is looking so lovely...and beautiful bracelet..
    Huge hugs x


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