Wednesday 12 March 2014

New Design - Geisha

I have finally put a new design up on Etsy! It's taken a while because I was trying to do one design and crashed I couldn't work out the colours so I decided to do something entirely different and here is my new series.

This is hopefully going to be part of an Around the World collection if all goes well.

I've done her up on a bookmark fabric so I WILL make her into a bookmark eventually. It will be a matter of time.

I love the colours and I'm really happy with the way the piece turned out. It is all on the same base as my Christmas designs so will be the same height. This only took me a couple of hours to complete so wouldn't take a child very long.

It's all in full crosses so could be done on plastic canvas to create dolls to play with. I can see a whole set appearing at my house soon if I let Lana loose with her needle.   

I feel motivated to make an Eskimo next!

Enjoy and Happy Stitching,


  1. So pretty! It looks great on the bookmark.

  2. This is so sweet - well done!!

  3. Cute! Love it as a bookmark.

  4. Great job on the Geisha! Good luck designing a series - look forward to seeing what they look like.

  5. Oh, she is super cute! I look forward to seeing your next design.

  6. such a cute Geisha :)
    lovely colours !!
    it's really looking great on a bookmark, it would also do a pretty key chain :D


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