Sunday 2 March 2014

New Finds

I had my softball semi final yesterday afternoon and it was the BEST fun ever! We played really well as did the other team (23-19) but we WON!!!! I got a home run the first time I came up to bat and did a couple of awesome catches at third. We go into the grand final next week and if we keep playing at this level we will be great!  

After that I rushed home then we went to my bands trivia and auction night last night which was a LOT of fun :D it was 70's theme. Though I wasn't organised enough to dress up but the table we were at was and they brought spare hats. I wore an Indian headband and I thought I looked wonderful. Though I wasn't organised enough to get a photo but one of the other ladies did but I just need to get it from her.

James didn't want me taking a picture but this one is halfway decent. I love the blue hat on him!

In the auction part I bid on a couple of things but only won two. My book cover went for $10 but to a lovely little girl so hopefully it is loved!

I won a cushion and lavender satchet set from my fellow trumpeter. Her embroidery is gorgeous it's so neat!

 The second auction I won was a suitcase FULL of fat quarters. 34 in total! Lana has already bagged the pink one for me to make her teddy with. There was also a notebook and scissors and cool stuff.

 Unfortunately I lost this one which is a stunning cross stitch of a butterfly. It looks so gorgeous and the stitching was soooo neat!
 All in all last night/yesterday in general was a wonderful day and now I need to plan what to do with my new wins. It was all for a good cause to help us get to New Zealand for our music tour this year.

Happy Stitching Everyone,


  1. Congratulations on the softball win!

  2. Congrats on the two auction wins. That suitcase full with fat quarters looks gorgeous.


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