Wednesday 26 March 2014

Time spent...

The time I've spent on many crafts over the years is something I never regret. I have so many memories of picking out colours or fabrics or whatever with my mum and sometimes rarely with my sister.

One of the stand out memories for me about my grandma was the three days I stayed with them so that I could add the crochet edge onto her blanket that she was making for my cousin as she wasn't able to crochet. I also tried to teach her but that wasn't going to happen she couldn't get used to holding only one loop on the hook. I couldn't even get her doing a chain properly!

I went over to mum's the other day and brought along with me a new pattern that I want to make. It's a duffel bag by Ginger Cake. So we were sitting there discussing fabric choices and what will last longer. This meant going and exploring the cupboards downstairs to find the perfect fabric. Now we didn't find enough large bits that didn't already have another purpose when they finally get put together BUT we did find something else.

When I was about 15 or so... it could have been earlier could have been later I can't quite remember. I made myself a doll. Isn't she beautiful?

 The dress was meant to be fancier than this but I ran out of energy and ability. I was too lazy to hem properly. I remember having a conversation with my mum about it and her going well you do what you feel comfortable with. I now want to make another doll if I can find the book this pattern came out of and do a better finish for the dress. Something that is more to my skills now.

I had to do some hair restoration last night as she had lost some and other bits were falling out so there are two different browns in her hair. I don't know why I used blue thread when I first sewed the hair in many years ago but that appears to be the choice I made.

Back to the pattern. I have a piece of calico that we cut up that I will be turning into a trial run of the bag. Calico is the best thing for trying different patterns. I also have lengthened the handles as I want them to run all the way down the bag as I don't like handles to join just in one hem I never trust them not to fall out. I know myself too well and I would pile the bag up with too much stuff.

I have been working on my granny stripe. little by little it's getting bigger. I'm almost finished the second repeat of colours. This does seem to be the craft I'm going to more and more at the moment. It's just so easy to pick up and go without having to set anything up.

So I have a question if you've gotten this far

Have you ever made a rag doll?
Did you make toys for yourself when you were a kid? What did you make as a kid?
Do you have a favourite doll pattern?
I've got about 5 books but I can not find the pattern that makes this doll. All the arms are too straight out. I have to go through mum's cupboards instead of mine I mustn't have stolen borrowed that book.

Happy Stitching :D

p.s. don't forget my something new link up will be going up on FRIDAY!!! the 28th. I need to get into gear and load up the link widget and stuff ready to go.


  1. A lovely trip down memory lane. Your granny stripe blanket is so colourful!

  2. She is a sweetie. My fave memory of crafts is when my Nan used to knit with is. When er were learning and for any project after we were not to touch her size 8's or 10's tortiseshell needles.

  3. Aww she is so cute :)
    Beautiful blanket ..I love it.
    Hugs x

  4. Your doll is adorable. What wonderful memories -

  5. sounds like you were so lucky to be able to enjoy crafting with mum and grandma too. I would have loved to get my grandma to teach me to crochet!

  6. How lovely that you still have the doll you made. The body and face is much better than the dress, I guess you just got bored by that time rather than lacking the ability?

    I never made anything like that, I used to make furniture for my Sindy (British version of Barbie) and also alot of newspapers and books.

    My Mum did make alot of Sindy doll clothes and also some beautiful multi-cultural dolls from patterns bought at Oxfam. I must dig them out and show them on my blog.

  7. I saw her on Instagram...this is so adorable :)
    so great you still have her
    you were already very crafty ;)


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