Friday 28 March 2014

Something New - March

 This month is the first time for my something new link party :D

I've been so excited about it! I have actually done a pile of new things this month some I have shown you and some I haven't yet. I'm sorry it will be picture heavy and the linkup will have pictures too. I can't resist the excuse to show photos.

Yesterday I went shopping and ended up in riot because the shop was there and calling my name. They happened to have rainbow looms for making rubber band bracelets. I may have bought one come home and made a large number of bracelets last night. The intention was to teach the kids so they can make things on the holidays which are only a week away!

That was my first bracelet I picked the hardest bracelet in the book to learn on.  I put a couple of new series of designs up on my etsy page. An around the world set, a bunny and chick, and lastly a princess belle parody. 

I finished my first turtle
 On a non crafty front for the first time ever we won a softball grand final. We have been runners up for so long but we just did such a good job.

Also I tried a new recipe, I didn't tell you about it because it was a disaster but I tried it.

It was broccoli and cheese soup but the kids hated it, my pan wasn't big enough and James barely ate anything that night! So a large disaster. But at least I'm trying to vary things in the kitchen. It would be kind of nice to do a version of it as a sauce for a chicken but not as the main meal again. It was too much!
Now if you have got this far here is where you link up. It's the place to celebrate the achievements you have made this month.

How it Works:

  1. You must link to a post about something that you have made in the month the linky party is for. So if the post is for March you should have done the 'something new' in March not January. 
  2. The post must be about 'something new' you have tried. 
  3. It doesn't have to be a special post but it has to include something new but if you want to do a special post you can. It does have to be clear though that it is something new you haven't tried before. 
  4. You have until the next linky party goes up to post your link. Which will be on the 28th of each month.
  5. It's not required but a link back would be appreciated that way other people get to look at all the awesome things we are trying. :D


  1. Sweet bracelet and the turtle is so cute too..
    Huge hugs x

  2. I've added a few from this month- thanks for hosting the link-up! x

  3. The turtle is so sweet! Love the bracelet ;)

  4. I added my link!

    It is for two new things - the first is meeting some people I only knew online. We had a great day out in London at the V&A Museum.

    The second is a mounting technique for my stitching, using a calendar as a mount for my scrapbook.

  5. definitely love your cute turtle :D


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