Wednesday 5 March 2014

Turtle, Turtle

I have been having fun, I keep wanting to sew at the moment and I was searching through my stuff and found fabric I had already cut out to make a teddy. Sooo I just had to sew it up. I have made one other teddy in this fabric which I gave to my cousin's kid. I knew I had enough for 2 teddies and I managed to sew up this one and finish him on Friday. Now I didn't post about him for no other reason than I forgot! I know that's bad of me.

I had a hand model helping me. He had to do the rabbit ears behind the teddy! It now belongs to him and is called Marshall.

Now those people who have been paying attention will be wondering what this has to do with turtles. Well once I started the teddy I opened a dam! I had to grab out to fabric I had picked to make a turtle and start it. This meant photocopying the pattern pieces onto card and cutting them out.

Then cutting out the fabric and all that fun stuff.

 Here I was on Monday with my makeshift ironing board out on the floor. I use a towel folded up to make a nice ironing board since I don't own a real one. BUT being a quilter means I must at least own an iron. I don't use it for anything but ironing fabric for ornaments and patchwork things but I have it.

After a bit of sewing which was surprisingly quite easy. (It's less fiddly than some of the other ones I've done.) I have a finished turtle :D 

Oops we have another photo bomb! Both a teddy and some rabbit ears this time! 
 I love working on these patterns they are so easy to understand. Both the Teddy and the Turtle are from Funky Friends Factory. An Australian lady who designs the cutest patterns. I only have a couple of her designs but I do want more.

I have already picked out the colours and cut the fabric for another turtle which should be finished in a couple of days at this rate! 

And Sew We Craft
I joined a linky party :D because I could. I'm learning new skills!

I will be back soon with some stitching updates. I have actually been stitching as well on Afternoon Tea no less :D It's not much but it is something!

Happy Stitching,


  1. I love the turtle! He's such a cutie, and very well made. I'm rather tempted to make a turtle of my own now. :D

  2. They're both very cute. I do the towel on the floor thing too! (Although in my case it's because I'm too lazy to go dig out the ironing board).

  3. Gorgeous. I especially love the fabric of the teddy. He's quite retro.
    Alicia xo

  4. Great job! I especially love your strawberry turtle :)


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