Thursday 7 May 2015

Favourite Movies - of ALL TIME!!!

Ohk, maybe that title is a bit dramatic but that is what the prompt was about. I have been wracking and wracking my brain trying to come up with movies that I love and I'm really struggling.

I thought about The Hunger Games series and I love them. I thought about all the disney I used to watch and I love all of them too. But nothing leapt out then I remembered.

I don't watch movies. What I always go back to is TV shows.

SO instead of movies I'm going to talk about TV shows.


I LOVE this show. Always have since the time I was allowed to watch it. I love the idea of magic and everything involved in it.


Ohk that is three shows but they are all crime shows and I love all of them. I constantly go back and watch old episodes. The interactions between the characters is awesome. I'm currently watching through Season 3 NCIS and I started the show in tears. I hate sad starts for a season.


And here is the other obsession I seem to have. I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I have all the Babylon 5 seasons and I've watched them and stargate many many times,

So what was a talk about movies turned into TV shows. What do you obsess about?

Happy Stitching,


  1. I love TV shows more than movies as well. I've just discovered NCIS and Stargate (on Season 3 of both) and absolutely love them!

    My Favorite Shows: The X-Files, Fringe, Buffy, Spooks/MI-5 from the past.

    Current = Castle, Outlander, Walking Dead, Hannibal and Once Upon a Time.

  2. Hi there, Caitlin,

    I was browsing through fellow stitching blogs and stumbled upon this post. It is nice to find someone with similar tastes - I happen to love all the TV shows you mentioned (except for Stargate, which I have not seen, probably because it is not very popular here in Russia :) )


Thank you for your comments I love to hear from you.

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