Monday 11 May 2015

Hello Monday!

and Hello to everyone!!!

My gosh the weekend was crazy! I had a wonderful Mother's day. I woke to presents and tea. I got the Divergent book series so I may not be as active as I finally read through that series. I've already finished one of the books. 

I spent Saturday and Friday night playing trumpet. I did three performances of Oliver for a local school to help them boost their band. The photo above is from the Friday night with all my mutes set up ready to go. I also had a rehearsal for another upcoming performance on Saturday morning. So let's just say it was extremely busy. I didn't have much time to think on Saturday and today I'm finally taking the time to sit and rest. Yes it is Monday and maybe I should have taken more time yesterday to rest but I still had to shop for my mother and it just gets crazy busy around here on the weekends. 

So we were asked to set a goal for this week that we have been putting off. This isn't a crafting goal but it is one that I am getting kinda desperate to do. 

I NEED to go through my cupboard and CLEAN and sort my clothes. I am in transition a little at the moment but I have been reading about Capsule Closets a lot recently and I think that I really need to limit the clothes in my closet so I can enjoy wearing my clothes instead of throwing on anything that fits... maybe. I couldn't even tell you half of the clothes in there and I know I don't wear them all. Some stuff doesn't fit me and some I just don't like but I keep because I feel I should. 

James complained about the mess in the cupboard a couple of weeks ago but it has been something that has been going through my head for the last couple of months. His complaining just put it into the front of my mind and I know I want to attack it. 

SO my plan of attack is:

Write out a list of the uses I have for clothes at the moment. So for my music I need black clothes, the work I'm looking for needs smart casual/professional clothes etc. Knowing what I need clothes for will help me decide what I should keep. 

Go through my clothes and get rid of all the broken and ripped clothing, and items that I don't like. 

Sort the clothes left into uses and seasons. I don't need all my singlets at this time of year so I can put them away and keep out more of my warm clothes. I don't need to sort through my singlets everytime I want to find something warm. 

Show you a beautiful neat closet that I can use and will use the items in it. I love the idea of a closet where I will use ALL the clothes not just some because I felt like buying them. It will make my days much better and I know that I won't have to think about clothes I will know what I have.

DO you think I could manage something like this for my craft stuff too? Probably not but I know it's achievable for my cupboard as it's in desperate need to be sorted. 

Happy Stitching and CLEANING :D



  1. I try and follow the 'if you haven't worn it in the last twelve months get rid of it' rule. My biggest problem is my wedding takes up a crazy amount of room!

  2. I'm the opposite of Sharine! I've had so many reincarnations over the past 12 years that I need a wide variety of clothes in my wardrobe. I'm not wearing the smarter stuff, skirts and shirts at the moment because my job provides a uniform but in the future I may well need them again.
    Same with my going out clothes. Getting rid of them would mean giving up on ever having a social life again! I can accept that I don't have much of one now but I hope to one day.
    What I did pass on was age inappropriate stuff like little strappy vest tops, great in my 20s and 30s but not so much now! Can't see me wearing tummy-skimming tops again.
    We also have clothing recycling bin bags now so anything worn out can go in the recycling bin which is great. It does make it easier to part with things which are not good enough for the charity,
    And for some reason I have both my wedding dresses. And three pairs of wedding shoes...

  3. Just so you know, it is possible to do with your crafting stuff by doing exactly what you plan on doing to your cupboard. :) Make a list of your top designers/subjects and any items that you plan on stitching as gifts then sort by your favorites and planned gifts, things that still catch your eye and things that no longer pull you to work on or complete. Now that my stash has been organized I need to work on my closets. Good luck!


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