Saturday 2 May 2015

Reading now...

I try to make an effort to get out to the Library with the kids more often now as they both have reading for homework and they don't borrow many books from the Library at school. (actually it's more complicated than that, they keep the school books to read at school makes it easier) Over the holidays I got them cards for our local Library. We sit on the border between the two councils here so the kids had cards to one place but not the other.


So books... I'm reading a number of books at the moment. I don't have just one on the go. That would be too easy.

I'm reading the chocolate clown corpse by JoAnna Carl and so far I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I'll give you a better update on it when I finish.

I'm also reading Heat Rises by Richard Castle. Yes it is the Richard Castle from the TV show.... or it's someone ghost writing as the Richard Castle. It's good and I'm enjoying it so we shall see.

It's the funny thing with my reading this month I'm usually a fantasy romance reader and I have a number of crime books. It must be something to do with my obsession with Castle and NCIS.


I don't read many magazines but I bought this one at the beginning of the week because I love Oriental designs and it's got some gorgeous stuff.


So what blogs have I been reading a lot of this week. I always make sure that I read up on they are funny and I always try and catch my cross stitch blogs.

Other than that I have been reading a mix of blogs at the moment. My feed is full of lots of cross stitch stuff and I'm trying to go through the A-Z list and slowly read them. I will get there but there were over 1000 participants. 

So Happy Stitching/ Reading on this wonderful Saturday. 


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  1. Thanks for the link to the Customer Service blog, several of them made me laugh a lot!


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