Wednesday 6 May 2015

WIP Wednesday

Well this week I have a lot to share. I've made some great progress on my little lighthouse and I've done some project life. I finally just got the photos printed for February and March. Yes I know 5th month in and I was already months behind.

I used my gorgeous new Heidi Swapp journalling cards to decorate my album this month. Actually I think I'll use them for most of the year. The colours are gorgeous.

I used stamps and pretty inks on the journal cards as well and I love the effect. They weren't overly busy months so there aren't many pages... I know I have MANY MANY pages for April going already and I'm only a week in! That's the thing with holidays we get out and do stuff I can take pictures of.

And if you aren't too sick of all the photos here is Beacon at Daybreak a Dimension petite gold kit. It's interesting to work on with the different thicknesses and some half and some full crosses. It definitely keeps your head working!

Happy Stitching,

Please share what you're currently working on. I love to hear about what you're doing.


  1. Lovely pictures and nice stitching Caitlin.


  2. You busy woman! Great stitching:)

  3. Wow - great post- you've been one busy lady!!!

  4. Your Journal looks great already. Sometimes we focus on the big holidays and trips and forget the very day stuff. But those photos are the ones the children will want to see when they grow up.

    I've been stitching Pretty Little London and The Spell Book this week, one multi coloured and one black project. Just for contrast!


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