Monday 18 May 2015

Hello Monday

So today hasn't gone as planned. I've had two pathetically sick children home all day. They weren't dying sick but they were sick enough that I didn't want them going to school on a wet day but they were well enough to be annoying. Hopefully though the lazy day has helped them to get better.

So how was my weekend? Fairly laid back.

On Saturday morning we went shopping to ALDI to shop their snow sale. We needed some thermal underwear for the kids and that was a great way to stock up on warm stuff ready for camping. The days will be pleasant but I know the mornings/evenings will be freezing.

I had a rehearsal on Saturday afternoon for my concert coming up next weekend but other than that I haven't had much to do. I'm getting really nervous and excited. I'm the one in charge of the brass band that we've put together and it's making me just a little nervous.

Then Sunday we visited the Library and then headed over to my parents for Sunday night dinner. I love having dinner over at my parents house. Mum cooked up a double roast and some spaghetti and cheese. It was absolutely delicious. A great way to end the weekend.

Oh and with all the lovely cold weather I have had lots of fun and managed to get more rows of my granny stripes done. I've also been quilting as the deadline for my chevron quilt is getting closer. The baby shower is next month and I'd love to have it finished in time. I'll show you pictures later this week... I'm hoping to get better light.

Happy Stitching,

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