Saturday 10 October 2015

Around the Web

It has only been in the last couple of months but I have become an AVID pinterest user. Well maybe not to the extremes but I can finally see the benefits. I was getting bogged down in all the negatives and the ways that people don't really use it ethically and forgetting the benefits. Soooo I have found the benefits and one enormous one is a great place to store those awesome patterns you see around and all that great information that gets thrown out on this great interwebs.

I have a store of crochet patterns particularly but I have all sorts of yummy stuff to show you today.

Do you like cookies? I know I do but I can be really bad about cooking them I constantly take the lazy route. Now I have a bit of motivation to bake. Cate over at life behind the purple door is having fun this month sharing 31 days of cookies. It's motivating me to actually try baking something. I was awesome over the last weekend and made some shortbreads and I'm going to make these Jam drops very soon. 

As you probably know (though maybe not) I also write for and one thing that happens over there is reader tutorials. I have become obsessed with this outfit. I am going to make myself a bohemian kimono dress. I love this design it just makes me happy. 

Also with Halloween just around the corner I just had to share some fun halloween cup cozies over at repeat crafter me. They are so scary :D 

So tell me about any interesting articles you have been reading around the web? Any new project ideas or thoughts? I would love to know what you have found, or are lusting after. 

Happy Stitching, 

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