Wednesday 14 October 2015

WIP Wednesday

After dropping the kids at school this morning I was greeted by this sight! A Dark grey sky and the brilliant purple Jacarandas in front. They almost glowed against the dark sky. I do love the colours of spring here.

I haven't been doing much cross stitch the last couple of days. I have been sewing a dress for myself. You can find the post over at andsewwecraft tomorrow night. I will link it after it goes up. I actually started and FINISHED a dress for myself. Shock horror!!!! I know those that have been around here a while know that I am terrible about actually finishing projects I start. But it is finished and I'm wearing it out tomorrow night.

I do have one goal that I need to do. I signed up for an ornament swap this week and I have to get a christmas ornament stitched and then finished. It will kill two birds with one stone as I need to write up a tutorial about how to finish it as well. I have so many plans and I am really struggling to actually make sure I get them all done. Actually the struggle is not the plans its that I want to do everything at once! I don't have the hands or the head space the do 10 projects at once. I don't think I can multitask that well.

I will leave you some cross stitch. My local newsagent sells the gift kits/patterns for cheap after the magazine has gone back and I managed to get myself some of them for cheap. They sell them from
50 cents through to $3 or so depending what it is. I'm going to have some fun with these and stitch up some pretty stuff.

P.S. Don't forget that I have a giveaway going at the moment to win my new pattern.

Happy Stitching,

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  1. I understand your struggle. I have a trillion things I want to do and there never seems to be enough time. Look forward to seeing a photo of the finished dress...


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