Wednesday 21 October 2015

WIP Wednesday

Sooooo our household has become a LITTLE LOT obsessed with Doctor Who over these last couple of months. Before this I had enjoyed watching it but didn't go very crazy over it until I started watching from the beginning and actually getting into the story lines. (by beginning I mean the new series) The kids love the angels and get really excited over those episodes. I on the other hand just love River Song. Now the reason why this is relevant is I have been stitching away at one of the charts from CloudsFactory. I have a few of her doctor who charts and could easily get a couple more. This is the Doctor Who Biscornu and is in only 2 colours. This is important as I can easily stitch without too many mistakes while watching more doctor.

It's stitched on I think a 16ct Aida... It's from a grab bag of fabric from so I'm not exactly sure but it is a white. I also changed the colours because I just grabbed two blues from my stash. I used: DMC 803 for the dark blue and DMC 794 for the light blue.

I think that is all the information you really need to know :D

Happy Stitching,

P.S. I'm trying out the disqus commenting system as I didn't like how the blogger system handled replies on the blog and I want to start creating discussions not just single comments. Can you easily reply and use the new system?

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